R8 GT Images & Video

Posted by lee

Behind the scenes video from the Audi R8GT photoshoot.

About 12 months ago someone in the know happened to mentioned the possibility of using the New Victoria Park Tunnel as a location for a car photoshoot. Now when an offer like that comes your way, you just have to make it happen. With LOTS of emails and tight deadlines I managed to get a proposed date for the shoot, all I needed now was a super car and the best car photography rig that money can buy. Fiona from Audi NZ was awesome, she had a new Audi R8 GT brought up from Wellington especially for the shoot. As there are only 333 of these in world and only 2 reaching the shores of New Zealand I was pretty stoked. The car photography rig that I wanted to use was built and is operated by a very clever man called Olaf, his company “move n shoot”  has been involved in many car shoots all over the world for most of the car manufactures. This shoot was originally planned as a portfolio piece for Kaptured but once I told Cameron from Top Gear NZ about my cunning plan he was keen to run the story as a “behind the scenes” article (Click here to view).

Simon shooting a time-lapse for the “Behind the scenes” movie.

The aim with all my photography is to create well polished but realistic images. I must admit we did go to town on one of these shots (as you can see from the notes on the raw image). They are very much a calibration between Mark and myself, in the end I feel we found a happy medium. Stunning car shots that still retains a sense realism.

Thanks to everyone that was involved in the shoot :

Mark Cornellison - Post production
Simon Waterhouse - Assistant & BTS Video & Images
Andrew Bright - Assistant & BTS images
Olaf Jablonski – Move N Shoot
Darren Utting – Victoria Park Alliance
Fiona Wooley - Audi NZ
Chris Tudehope - Apix Photography
Cameron Officer – Top Gear NZ